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Yang Turner

Yang Turner

Front-End Developer

As front-end developer, Yang works closely with senior web developers and engineers to bring each client’s unique project vision to life.

She began learning code through online resources and then applied to and completed the 12-week Drupal Career Online course. She started with as an intern and afterwards was excitedly welcomed as a full-time team member.

Yang has an associate degree in electronic engineering and received her certification in English and business from Oasis Training Center, a two-year immersion English learning program.

She loves to travel and meet others who have a different way of life and points of view. For her, food, culture, and architecture contain inspiration and wisdom that offers her a holistic, creative, and informative perspective.

Yang in a Nutshell

  • Her favorite movie of all time is The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and will recommend it to anyone and everyone
  • If she were to choose another career, it would be as a carpenter
  • She loves spicy food – her absolute favorite is Chinese hot pot
A man who asks is a fool for a moment. A man who never asks is a fool for life.

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