Twenty Years of Palantir

Founder George DeMet reflects on our history in the open source community and the principles that led us to where we are today.

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 17: Best of DrupalCon

There was a lot of positivity about Drupal this year, proven by those who work on Drupal as a platform, organizations who use Drupal, and even those who are considering Drupal.

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 10: Why Codes of Conduct Matter

Codes of Conduct aren't just lip service; they play an important role helping make communities, organizations, and events more inclusive. Our founder and CEO George DeMet shares the how and why with real world examples of the work and research he has done related to Codes of Conduct.

The Secret Sauce, Ep. 09: Effective Presentation Strategies

Larry "Crell" Garfield speaks at conferences, a lot. And with all of these speaking engagements comes a vast amount of knowledge on what works and what doesn't. He shares his top tips and tricks to get the most out of delivering your presentations at conferences and camps – and to ensure your audience is completely engaged and sings your praises during and after.

Building a Better Drupal

Founder and CEO George DeMet thinks Drupal needs a considerable amount of flexibility to stay competitive as a content management system. 

The True Value of Certification

The role that developer certification programs play in helping open source software compete against proprietary solutions.