A Valentine

A letter from CEO Tiffany Farriss to all those who make Palantir so special.

The Karma Revelation

How Palantir's Director of Production Services Scott DiPerna came to know what ++ means.

The First Ever Official ++ Day

CEO George DeMet's thoughts on how for Palantir, the concept of ++ goes beyond just giving each other recognition for a job well done.

Drupal ++

Director of Professional Services Ken Rickard’s introduction to Drupal and how ++ flows through the community.

Accessibility in Drupal 8

Can you see the Drupal 8 logo above? Accessibility standards could help make this image equally visible to all users.

¿Patacones o Tostones?

How Spanish-speaking site visitors navigate a site may vary significantly based on dialect, culture, and the region they are from.