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Baptist Health

Supporting growth through design system expansion

Expanding and rebranding

Baptist Health is a prominent healthcare system based in South Florida, extending its services from Palm Beach through Fort Lauderdale and Miami, down to the Florida Keys. It encompasses a network of 12 hospitals and over 200 various locations, including outpatient centers, urgent care facilities, and physician practices. Employing more than 27,000 employees, Baptist Health is a cornerstone of the region’s healthcare infrastructure, handling more than 1.8 million patient visits per year. Baptist Health has a long history of offering various education and training programs for healthcare professionals.

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Baptist Health is a major healthcare system based in South Florida, operating 12 hospitals, more than 4,000 physicians and 200 outpatient centers, urgent care facilities and physician practices handling more than 1.8 million patient visits per year. Since 2019, they have also offered academic training through Baptist Health Academics. As this program grew, Baptist Health needed to expand its design system and build out its web presence. The evolving company was also planning a comprehensive rebrand, which would require a thorough redesign of their website.

Baptist Health turned to on the basis of our existing collaboration, both on a site redesign and building the initial design system and internal platform for the academic program.

Val Lopez, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations at Baptist, explained: “The design system, as it was put together, was very scalable and flexible. We’d had a really good experience with Palantir.”

Since Baptist’s website is based on the Sitecore content management system, Palantir collaborated with their development partner, Merge. Baptist’s satisfaction with the work saw them move to a retainer relationship, allowing for greater flexibility as the company continues to grow and carry out incremental UX improvements to the website.

One of the real advantages of working with Palantir is their project management process. Their ability to stick to timelines and identify challenges, opportunities, and milestones is a real strength of theirs.

Val Lopez, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations at Baptist Health

A growing company

Baptist Health was expanding and evolving. Not only was the Baptist Health Academics program taking off, but the company was looking to undertake a brand refresh. The company faced two main challenges:

  1. Extension of the design system for Baptist’s academic program
    Baptist Health’s academic program, initially supported internally by a platform built by Palantir, encountered a phase of rapid expansion. The program had started off small and lacked a web presence. However, it had recently gained significant priority within the organization, leading it to expand its range of offerings. This growth culminated in a notable achievement: a partnership with Florida International University, establishing Baptist Health as the official academic healthcare partner of the university. Adapting to this dynamic growth and the need for a more robust and scalable online presence was a primary concern for Baptist Health. This growth necessitated the creation of an official web presence and an extended design system.
  2. Redesign of Baptist’s branding and UX upgrades
    In 2022, Baptist Health undertook a comprehensive brand refresh, involving an overhaul of their marketing strategy and visual identity. This initiative required a redesign of their online presence to align with the new brand guidelines, including updated color palettes and a revamped visual identity. Baptist Health also sought to make further incremental improvements to the UI and UX of the website.

Baptist Health returned to Palantir for help in tackling these challenges on the strength of our existing work on their design system and collaboration. 

The Baptist Health homepage highlights "Innovative Heart & Vascular Care" with a photo of two women jogging. It mentions minimally invasive treatments and compassionate care. Quick links are provided for finding a doctor, location, services, patient resources, and downloading the PineApp. The bottom section promotes virtual care options with a "Get Started" button.

The process – just the ability to stay on task, on time, and within budget – has always been a good experience with Palantir.

Val Lopez, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations at Baptist Health

A collaborative approach

Baptist Health’s website development and maintenance involved a collaborative effort between Palantir and Merge, Baptist’s long-standing development partner. 

Palantir carried out work on the front-end aspects of the website, including user research, design, implementation of the design system, and coding of the front-end. Palantir also produced an extensive style guide, forming the foundation of the website’s aesthetic and functional elements.

Merge took over from Palantir in the development process, integrating Palantir’s front-end work into the existing Sitecore infrastructure. At the same time, Palantir continued to remain engaged throughout this phase to ensure that Merge had all the necessary resources and guidance to accurately implement the design.

The Heart & Vascular Care landing page at Baptist Health highlights award-winning care, top physicians, and a variety of treatments. It mentions their #1 ranking in South Florida by US News and World Report.  A "Request an Appointment Today" button and a photo of a doctor examining a patient are featured.

The two organizations have been able to work really well together. Palantir did a good job of setting up communication with the Merge team to walk through the technical details of what they needed to deliver. Palantir’s ability to work with an outside development firm like Merge was definitely a plus.

Val Lopez, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Operations at Baptist Health

Great results lead to long-term partnership

Baptist Health’s Val Lopez expressed considerable satisfaction with the work accomplished by Palantir: “From a design perspective and from a technical functional perspective, the quality of the work has been very good.”

Seeing that the design system was continuing to grow and evolve, Baptist chose to move to a retainer relationship. By having Palantir on retainer, Baptist Health ensures immediate access to expertise for making necessary enhancements and updates to the design system as and when needed.

Lopez noted: “The retainer gives us the flexibility and the speed to make the enhancements in a more timely manner. Before, we were engaging once, twice, or three times a year — when we needed updates to the design system. But now we have a more fluid, more proactive approach.

Lopez also valued Palantir’s strategic input when it came to UX: “We’re always keeping the consumer top of mind. Palantir is very helpful when it comes to presenting certain types of information or certain types of campaigns.” He added, “They are very focused on the user experience from a technology perspective — being responsive for multiple screen sizes, mobile, iPads, tablets, so on and so forth.”

The collaboration between Baptist Health, Palantir, and Merge is structured to ensure seamless communication and efficient progress. Baptist Health has an internal web experience team responsible for overseeing the administration, marketing, and digital aspects of the website. This team works closely with both Palantir and Merge to advance specific projects and initiatives. Regular communication is key to success: the team holds bi-weekly meetings with Palantir to stay aligned on ongoing work and monthly meetings with Merge to ensure cohesive integration and implementation. This structured approach ensures that all parties are consistently in sync and that the website continues to evolve effectively and efficiently.

“Both teams would immediately point to the ease of working with the Palantir team, and their expertise,” said Val Lopez. “When they’re providing a recommendation, they’ve done their due diligence, have looked at multiple scenarios, and are providing the best recommendation available.”

“We envision the relationship continuing to grow,” he concluded.

If you’re a healthcare provider and feel you could benefit from our design and UX services, contact Palantir.

The mobile homepage of the Baptist Health website features a section titled "Innovative Heart & Vascular Care at Baptist Health." It highlights minimally invasive treatments and compassionate care. Below this, quick access icons are provided for finding a doctor, location, services, patient resources, downloading the PineApp, and paying a bill. A "Learn More" button is also included.

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