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Higher Education

Higher education websites have to do a lot. Our approach helps you gain consensus around the few things your site absolutely must get right—namely those experiences that lead to increased enrollment.

Enrollment is a funnel.

Like with all e-commerce, enrollment is a funnel. It should be optimized like one. Through collaborative user research, journey mapping and usability testing, we match the process to your prospective students’ expectations at this critical decision-making point. With barriers out of the way, user frustration decreases and your conversions increase.

Who We've Helped

University of California Berkeley Extension homepage

Consistency with flexibility.

Competing internal needs often fragment higher education websites to the extreme. Each department or school understandably wants to attract students with their unique value propositions. We arm you with a design system that gives content administrators and marketers the ability to be creative, but with guardrails that keep the overall brand in line.

Who We've Helped

South Dakota State University homepage on tablet and mobile

You know what you need. We know how to make it happen.

Let’s have one of those conversations where you leave feeling energized about how to tackle your digital higher ed challenges.

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Create once, publish everywhere.

Your reality involves publishing and maintaining huge volumes of timely content, whether it’s course listings, news, events, or policies. Our inclusive process around content modeling, auditing, governance, migration and content strategy significantly reduces the burden on content admins to keep information up-to-date and connected, and builds institutional buy-in along the way.

Who We've Helped

Stanford Environmental Health & Safety homepage

Where institution and student needs intersect

Ease of Enrollment

This is a big purchase decision for your audiences, and your #1 conversion. Remove barriers and watch your numbers go up.


Your website communicates what students will experience. You want to showcase it, prospective students want to feel it.


Easy access to clear answers builds confidence in your institution during a visitor's journey.

“Palantir came in as the subject matter experts on the re-design of our multi-million dollar e-commerce web site. They exceeded expectations on every measure. We then re-hired them for a subsequent project. We recommend Palantir highly.”

Jim Kaczkowski, Marketing Manager, University of California Berkeley Extension

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