The Secret Sauce, Ep. 10: Why Codes of Conduct Matter

Codes of Conduct aren't just lip service; they play an important role helping make communities, organizations, and events more inclusive. Our founder and CEO George DeMet shares the how and why with real world examples of the work and research he has done related to Codes of Conduct.

On the Air With Palantir, Ep. 02: Building Better Internal Teams

Giving feedback on how someone works isn't always easy, especially when it comes to your colleagues. Nor is it easy to receive. But this act is very important for a number of reasons when done tactfully and constructively. Our Director of Operations Colleen Carroll talks about what works and what doesn't when both giving and receiving such feedback.

On Working Remotely

Tips for helping to improve the remote working experience.

Work Shouldn't Suck

Tiffany Farriss shares her thoughts on how her personal values shape those of the company she leads.